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Double board-certified in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Cory Yeh is one of California’s most qualified surgeons. Dr. Yeh has an educational background and extensive experience in both otolaryngology and cosmetic surgery. He has excelled through some of the world’s finest medical schools, including the Stanford School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. Additionally, he has gained valuable experience working in many of the United States’ most renowned medical centers. Dr. Yeh’s diverse experiences have enabled him to provide top-quality service to patients in Orange County for many years.

As an undergraduate at Stanford University, Dr. Yeh’s academic achievements led to his appointment into Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious honor society. After graduation, he was accepted into the Stanford School of Medicine, where he was elected president of the Stanford Medical Student Association. While completing his residency in Harvard Medical School’s otolaryngology department, Dr. Yeh gained years of valuable experience working in head and neck surgery. Later, Dr. Cory Yeh accepted and completed a surgery fellowship with the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS).

Due to his educational achievements, Dr. Yeh has managed to hold appointments in some of the United States’ best medical centers, including Albany Memorial Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and St. Peter’s Hospital. Additionally, Dr. Yeh spent years developing his professional plastic surgery skills at the New England Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center. Since opening his private clinic, he has provided countless patients with some of the highest quality plastic surgery services in the nation. As a result, Dr. Yeh was recently voted the best cosmetic surgeon in Orange County!

Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Yeh manages to maintain close ties to the medical community. He is an active staff member at Laguna Hills Surgery Center, San Clemente Memorial Medical Center, and Saddleback Memorial Medical Center. As part of a recent medical mission, Dr. Yeh provided cleft-lip and cleft-palate surgeries to children in Guatemala. Impressively, he also works as a teacher and manages to regularly contribute to the medical-research field. In fact, Dr. Yeh was awarded best scientific paper submitted by a resident at the Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’s annual meeting in Washington D.C.

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  1. I am 100 % satisfied with my results


    I found Dr. Yeh by doing a Google search for a plastic surgeons. At my first consultation Dr. Yeh answered every question to the max and beyond. The day of my procedure was spot on and I am 100 % satisfied with my results. Dr. Yeh greatly exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Dr. Yeh because of the comfortable environment, his discussion of options , agreeing together on the approach as well as the great results. Awesome from registration to consultation to procedure to post review!

  2. Dr. Yeh approaches all procedures with skill, intelligence & thought


    I always know what to expect and my expectations are always met with Dr. Yeh. He is very good and very thorough. He refused to do a certain procedure that I had requested and he explained it would not be in my best interest. He has integrity. I feel comfortable and confident that Dr. Yeh approaches all procedures with skill, intelligence and thought.

  3. Dr. Yeh made me feel very comfortable to the point he almost brought me to tears


    I found Dr. Yeh on a Google search and Yelp Reviews. At my first consultation I was very nervous and anxious but Dr. Yeh made me feel very comfortable to the point he almost brought me to tears because I truly believed he could help me. The day of my procedure was great and they made me feel comfortable. Dr. Yeh and Janette are some of the most compassionate Dr. and staff I have ever met. They make me look forward to coming in for my follow up appointments. He is thorough and answers all of my questions and provides me with all the information I need to understand what’s going on, what will happen and what to look for in the future. As grateful as I am, my procedure went well and I’m truly sad I will no longer be coming back every month for follow ups.

  4. I am extremely pleased with the results of the facial injectable treatments


    Dr. Yeh, your name is on the tip of my tongue at every compliment or query I receive. Rave reviews all around. I am extremely pleased with the results of the facial injectable treatments and skincare. I would definitely recommend Dr. Yeh to family and friends.

  5. I would recommend Dr. Yeh to family and friends


    I found Dr. Yeh by searching on Google for Keloid surgery in Orange County. At my first consultation I was very impressed and feel like I better understand my condition and the treatment options available and the ones that Dr. Yeh would recommend and provide. All of my questions were answered and I even sent a private picture at one time with some questions and I got a response back the next business day which was nice to have available. I was nervous the day of my procedure because I have not really undergone any surgical procedures in my life and this one was so small

    (keloid), but Dr. Yeh put me at ease and was very gentle and we talked through most of it which helped. I was very satisfied with my 3 follow up appointments and feel like they went by as easily and quickly as possible. I would recommend Dr. Yeh to family and friends because I believe that he understands the science and the many options available out there to treat his patients. He keeps it real and does not push you to do anything, but lays it all out on the table. This was the winning aspect for me.

  6. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face


    Amazing! Dr. Yeh is extremely professional, attentive and meticulous. He delivers results that are natural, yet knocks years off your face. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face.

  7. Results of the blepharoplasty have exceeded all expectations


    My ophthalmologist referred me to Dr. Yeh for blepharoplasty. During the consultation with Dr. Yeh, I was extremely impressed with the direction that he encouraged me to take to remedy my hooded eyelid problem. He spent a considerable amount of time discussing my options, and we decided to proceed with upper and lower blepharoplasty.

    Upon scheduling a date for surgery, a pre-op appointment was set up. During this appointment, Dr. Yeh extensively discussed measures I needed to take in preparation for the surgery, specific surgical procedures, anticipated results of surgery, and postoperative care. At no time did I feel that he rushed the appointment; he was willing to take as much time as necessary to ensure that I was informed and comfortable with my decision.

    The surgery was performed on May 4, 2016. Dr. Yeh and his surgical nurse, Marilyn, were methodical and created a calm environment for the procedure. Follow-up care has been great. Results of the blepharoplasty have exceeded all expectations, and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Yeh.

    It should also be noted that Janette Jackson, the front office coordinator, was a delight to work with; I appreciated her professionalism and sincere interest in my well-being. Thank you Dr. Yeh and staff!

  8. I made the best possible choice


    I conducted an Internet search for Orange County and found Dr. Yeh. I read through his website information and was particularly impressed with the results I saw with the online video of a man who was in need of substantial reconstructive surgery following the removal of skin cancer near his nose. My consultation was an excellent exchange of information, issues and ideas for the procedure that would best suit my situation. All of my questions were answered. Dr. Yeh had discussed two possible procedures with one being preferred, but would not know until the procedure was underway which one he would implement. I am happy to report that Dr. Yeh found it best to implement the preferred procedure based on dermal elasticity. I was quite satisfied with my results and all inquires have been addressed by Dr. Yeh and Janette. I have been using the recommended scar cream bioCorneum, though it may be too early to comment on effectiveness . I note first and foremost, Dr. Yeh’s medical competency. In addition, Dr. Yeh has a finely tuned touch that allows him to visualize a completed recovery well in advance of even beginning the procedure. Deciding to go ahead with a surgical procedure is a big step. It tests your resolve in many ways. Then comes the search for a professional who not only possesses medical competency, but someone who also has an understanding of what a positive outcome will mean. I took the searching process seriously and did as much research as I could before making my decision. In selecting Dr. Yeh’s Facial Plastic Surgery, I made the best possible choice.

  9. I am very satisfied with my eyes …


    I found Dr. Yeh in New Beauty Magazine. My first consultation with Dr. Yeh was very favorable and much time was given to explanation. Dr. Yeh and his staff answered all of my questions. The day of my procedure was as expected and a very positive experience. I am very satisfied with my eyes! I would certainly recommend Dr. Yeh. He has great skill, expertise, and superior aesthetic sense.

  10. I would recommend him to any of my friends and family


    Dr. Yeh took the time to explain the pro and cons of each procedure so that I could make the best choice for my needs. He and his staff are professional and personable. I am extremely happy with the results of my mole removal surgery and I would recommend him to any of my friends and family. I know that he will be my doctor for all of my future needs.

  11. Dr. Yeh is very experienced and has excellent credentials


    After attending Dr. Yeh’s community seminar at Saddleback Hospital, I scheduled my first consultation. It was very personalized, customized and realistic. He absolutely answered all of my questions. On the day of my in-office procedure, Dr. Yeh and his assistant kept me as comfortable as possible and kept me informed of all the next steps.

    Dr. Yeh is very experienced and has excellent credentials. He has a deep and broad knowledge base regarding multiple procedures and has the ability to customize the best procedure for individual circumstances. He gives you realistic expectations and a predictable outcome. I am absolutely satisfied with my results!

  12. Dr. Yeh is the absolute best!


    Dr. Yeh is the absolute best! I had a very bad scar on my forehead from a severe car accident a few years ago. He surgically reopened my scar and corrected it to appear less visible. He is a great doctor and I highly recommend him. I will be doing more microdermabrasion treatments with him in the future. Dr. Yeh is not only a surgeon but makes you feel comfortable like he is your friend/family member. Prior to Dr. Yeh, I had a consultation with another plastic surgeon who told me there is nothing he could do. Dr. Yeh was my 2nd consultation and during our meeting I knew he was my doctor. He thoroughly explained to me in detail of the difference procedures available and which would be most beneficial. For instance, laser would have a lower probability of correcting the scar as my Asian skin is more prone to pigmentation. He reopened my scar, cleaned and corrected it. His method was to make the restitching of the scar in a jagged line to deflect attention to it. I did not require anesthesia and the surgery was almost painless. After months of follow up and attention to it, we explored other methods to reduce visibility of the scar. We proceeded to microdermabrasion treatments and it’s done wonders for my skin and scar itself. I absolutely trusted him from the beginning and appreciate all of his time and efforts to correcting my appearance.

  13. An exceptional surgeon and an artist


    Dr Yeh is an exceptional surgeon and an artist. I lost part of my nose to a scary skin cancer called invasive Squamous cell carcinoma.

    Dr Yeh performed an intricate operation using part of my ear for cartilage & part of my cheek for living skin tissue. It is a challenging repair to wrap your head around. But when Dr Yeh tells you that he will fix it to the best of his ability with as minimal disfigurement in the end -you can believe him. It is hard to believe in the beginning that it will look as good as it does in the end. My family and friends say I look fantastic .
    Thank you to Dr Yeh for your incredible skill, patience and your thoroughness and to Janette for helping to calm me throughout the process.

    I would recommend Dr Yeh to you 100%. He really cares about his patients.

  14. I feel so lucky to have found him


    Dr. Yeh is extremely talented, professional, informative and kind. I feel so lucky to have found him. His staff is lovely, office is clean and bright. I highly recommend him.

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